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Ashley Palmer

As a founding CEO, I have a unique vision for my product. Marker helps my dev team visualize what I have in mind, using the tools we use everyday.

Stephen Carpenter

My job is to make things happen. I could spend my whole day in a meeting room with my team, or I could just use Marker to let everyone know what's next in the product roadmap. Easy choice.

Ronald Lucas

If there's something wrong on our website, I'm usually the first one to know. Marker lets me report bugs quickly and visually. Our dev team loves it, especially because Marker automatically adds a direct link to the page where I saw the bug.

Gary Day

After I've passed along a design to a developer, the result often needs fine-tuning. I use Marker to report small visual glitches in Github for developers to fix it. A screenshot is worth a thousand words :)

Kenneth Nguyen

As a developer, I need to communicate with many different departments. Not everybody has a technical background therefore Marker is invaluable to help me “get to the point” faster with anybody. I love it!

Draw Attention Using Annotations

A picture is worth a thousand words! If you spend most of your days online, you are better off communicating visually. Your team will thank you for it.

Save Your Screenshots to JIRA, Trello, GitHub and more…

Is your desktop flooded with screenshots ? Save screenshots directly to your favorite apps instead, ready for other team members to work on it.

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Help Developers Reproduce Bugs

When you save a screenshot, we automatically attach the useful info such as the source URL, the browser version, OS, Screen Size and more…

Web Annotations Made Fun & Efficient